Do it, Kill Yourself!

by Positive Junk

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A collection of covers we recorded shortly after releasing our demo for a bit of fun. Both The Infested & Choking Victim have been huge influences in our sound & this is are way of saying thanks!


released May 14, 2014

Written by; The Infested & Choking Victim

Drums/Guitar/Vox - Ty
Bass/Vox - J West



all rights reserved


Positive Junk Coventry, UK

1 Piece skacore band from England.

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Track Name: Never Stop [The Infested]
Start with a beer, 2, 3 or 4,
Then were downing the absinthe, yet still we want more,
Skin up a doob and pass that shit round,
Phone up tha taxi, get me in to town,
Rack up the cocaine, smoke some more mary,
Down some more vodka, far too much vodka,
Taxi turns up and were already fucked,
Open the window coz I need to sober up, I need to sober up.

Will we ever stop, fuckin' our bodies up?

Get kicked out of a club, for gettin' caught rackin' up,
Those fuckin' bouncers nicked our stash,
Arguin' the toss 'cos we want it back.
Track Name: Suicide (A Better Way) [Choking Victim]
Swilling on the dragon the other day,
Tompkins Square Park up by Avenue A.
Halfway down the forty and a pig come up to me,
said "listen here boy, gotta show me your ID."
Well living in a police state,
I tell you man, it ain't that great,
I know it doesn't even matter what I say,
but don't you know there's gotta be a better way?

I'm all alone, I'm feeling bad,
I'm by myself, all I ever had.
I hate my life, I'm such a mess,
I wanna die, I'm so depressed.
And every time I look at you,
I know exactly what to do.
I didn't want to be born, the pleasure all has died,
so now I'm gonna snuff it with my suicide.

Suicide the best, no better way

Sit in a hot bathtub, raise a blade and slit your wrists,
watch your life fade to black.
You have this power to kill yourself, called suicide,
and no one can take that back.
There is no better way to kill yourself than suicide
There is no sweeter death

A better way
A better way
Do it, kill yourself
Track Name: The Right to Die/In Hell [The Infested & Choking Victim]
Right to Die;

Life is sacred, so be it yea?
I couldn't give a shit coz you made me sick.
Nobody can refuse you the right,
to give up your life, just fuckin end it!
Pressured into suicide by the fucked up laws,
then labeled a psycho for being sick of your bodies war,
No one should have to suffer the pain,
the strain and then be told that their insane.
Keep your religion out of our laws,
in fact fuck religion, fuck the law.
Assisted suicide its illegal we know,
so would you take me to the backstreets and fuckin slit my throat?
Your laws and morals wont stop the killing,
so give people a chance to choose whether their living,
and the friends and family who assist the deed,
won't have to be ashamed of giving what you need.

The Laws are sick and twisted,
I don't give a fuck if life is sacred.

You try to scream but the words don't come out.
you try to grab the pills but you cant move about.
You cant drown your self coz your being watched.
You cant reach for the knife coz they've been locked up.
You cant exercise by your self.
You cant eat or dress your fuckin self.
Your dignity's been taken away.
You've had enough, your time is up.

Why is it so hard to understand
that some people don't want that helping hand.
Some people want their independence,
and once that has gone they wanna quit existence.
But they're incapable of doing this on their own,
so they're forced to live and suffer alone.
The laws are sick and twisted,
I don't give a fuck if life is sacred

In Hell;

Oh well in hell, we like it well,
we think it's nice, we think it's swell!
I've fucked up so many times,
the more I think, the more I sink...

Into the drain...
of pain and misery.
The sickness of feeling...
will end someday.

Often times I wonder why
there's love and hate, theres live or die.
When sickness comes I must decide:
when feelings go, theres suicide.

Oh well in hell, we like it well,
we think it's nice, we think it's swell!
We'll drink a cup of kindness yet,
in hell we learn but soon forget...

Hell is life. You must admit this is true...
But don't take it so serious.
It ends so soon.